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The Five Do’s and 12,000 Don’ts of Opening Statements

I sat through some opening statements the other day, and can only just now talk about it. Even now, at some points in the story, I feel like pointing to a doll to communicate exactly where and how the two … Continue reading

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More On Jury Selection (Don’t Read That Aloud Too Quickly—Sounds Insulting)

I found a couple more notes from the jury pick I mentioned in the May 5 post. The big themes: in jury selection, keep your language simple and clear, and keep your questions open. When Lawyers Talk Like Lawyers, It … Continue reading

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Obligatory Jodi Arias Commentary

I have not been following the trial very closely and I don’t really care about it— I feel like this Phoenix production is programming for Nancy Grace’s audience, and I’m really more of a ‘Mad Men’ guy. But I caught … Continue reading

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Voir Dire: 5 Quick Things To Be Less Awful in Jury Selection

I slightly apologize for starting the relaunch of this blog on a slightly bitter note, but I have just come from a jury selection in a civil case and have bandaged my forehead from banging it on the table.  Usually, … Continue reading

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