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5 Mistakes Just About All Trial Attorneys Make in Jury Selection (yep, maybe you, too)

Five mistakes widely made by trial counsel in jury selection . . . probably including you. Continue reading

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Rich on ‘Celebrity Court Radio’ re ex-Gov Rowland conviction

I was on Elizabeth Kelley’s ‘Celebrity Court Radio’ show yesterday, available by clicking here. (I’m approximately 10 minutes into the show.) The subject was the conviction of John Rowland in a Connecticut federal court for violations of campaign disclosure/finance laws … Continue reading

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Expert Testimony: Some Science & Some Art to Increase Your Value

You’re an expert witness who wants to add the greatest possible value to your side. (Or you might be the attorney who wants to get the most juror persuasion out of your expert.) You’re in the right place. Jurors taste … Continue reading

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The Difference Between an Expert and an Expert Witness

We think how we speak after awhile. An expression can become detached from its origins and then lead to blinders.  In litigation world, saying “expert” and not “expert witness” is one of the particularly bad ones, made worse by its near universality. … Continue reading

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Even More Words Lawyers Should Banish

Textemada (d.b.a. the Torquemada of Text) is back with more words and phrases that lawyers simply must banish from their vocabularies. I would say “at least in front of jurors,” but I think the reality is that our minds get … Continue reading

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‘The Recorder’ published an article of mine on mediation

It will be in the print edition on Monday, June 3, 2013, and is online now: http://www.law.com/jsp/ca/PubArticleCA.jsp?id=1202602241571&In_Practice_When_Jury_Trial_Meets_Mediation&slreturn=20130501101746 I will publish it here when I get permission from American Legal Media. It’s about leveraging mediations into settlements by using two different methods … Continue reading

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