Alex Craigie: Five Ways To Use A Jury Consultant Effectively

Alex Craigie, Esq., a litigator based in Los Angeles, gentleman and scholar, writes a blog called ‘At Counsel Table,’ which I recommend. Today, he has published on “Five Ways To Effectively Use A Jury Consultant,” in which he has generously used some of my thoughts. Please read it.

Alex and I both hope to help you bring about resolutions that are (a) more favorable to your client, and (b) sooner than later. And if your case must go to trial, well then let’s get the best damn results.

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Contempt in Court: Too Many Lawyers’ Attitude Toward Jurors

The online blog of the ABA Journal asked a question recently: “What words or phrases do you think should be avoided in front of a jury?” Continue reading

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One juror’s experience. Excellent read.

Every so often, I see something that a juror has written about his or her experience as a juror, and they are always valuable. Some moreso than others. A man named Gerry Walker in New York City wrote a terrific two-part essay about his recent jury service. I hope you will read both parts. Continue reading

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The Mini-Opening Before Oral Questioning: Upgrade Your Voir Dire

Many states permit the lawyers to make a brief opening statement before the oral questioning of prospective jurors (e.g., California Code of Civil Procedure, sec. 222.5). If your state permits this, you should absolutely do it. Continue reading

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Francis Scott Key Was a Lawyer. Don’t Be Like Him.

Get a piece of paper and a pen, and try the following puzzle. Seriously, try it—it will make this much more fun and you might learn something kind of profound.

Ready? Here is the challenge: Continue reading

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Beware the Stranger With An Agenda (B.T.W. … It’s You)

I have served and observed thousands of lawyers over 23 years, and gotten to know their thinking, strategy, intentions, and performance both preparing for and conducting jury trials. And I have become convinced that there is one barrier at the threshold of real excellence, one impediment to being the very best courtroom lawyer one can be. Continue reading

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Rich on the Celebrity Court radio show

I spoke today with Elizabeth Kelley about the civil lawsuit the heirs of Michael Jackson brought against AEG Live, going into Week 13. I’m at about the 20-minute mark, though the first two guests should not be missed.


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