About Rich

Rich MatthewsRich Matthews, senior trial consultant and member of the California bar, received his J.D. from the University of Oregon School of Law, and brings an impressive background of litigation and negotiation to his trial consulting. His expertise encompasses issue analysis, thematic message and communication strategy, all types of focus group research, communication and presentation strategy, story and frame development, voir dire and juror selection, courtroom presentation skills, and post-verdict juror research.  He is also a highly regarded negotiation expert, having worked for a decade with Fortune 100 companies, and applies this negotiation expertise to maximizing the possibilities in the settlement process as well as in the courtroom. Rich has innovated the use of focus group results at mediations and in negotiations to achieve better settlements in a shorter time than clients had experienced without them.

Rich has achieved successful results for both plaintiffs and defendants in the civil world, and prosecutors and defendants on the criminal side.

Rich has appeared on national television and in major publications offering commentary on high profile trials. He serves on the California Bar’s Litigation Section’s committee for comment on proposed revisions to California’s standard jury instructions, providing skill in improving the understandability and clarity of jury instructions. He has also given engaging and insightful presentations and CLEs for thousands of lawyers on just about everything related to understanding and persuading your jurors, fact-finder, or mediator; using your pre-trial jury research results in mediations or settlement negotiations; techniques for jury selection under ordinary and extraordinary conditions from the court; and on and on. Entertaining, humorous, and eye-opening, Rich’s presentations have always earned top ratings from attendees.

Unable to resist a trivia contest, Rich has appeared on Jeopardy and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and besides writing openings/closings/voir dire for countless attorneys, has written jokes for latenight television.

Rich works nationwide and is located in San Francisco.

Follow him on Twitter and connect with him on LinkedIn. And, of course, contact him here:

And although this is probably quite obvious, NOTHING on this website constitutes LEGAL ADVICE of any kind, as I am not a practicing attorney and you are not a client, but a valued reader.

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